What help is there if your finances are tight?

Please get in touch with us at Maldon & District Citizens Advice by filling out the enquiry form on our website https://maldoncitizensadvice.org.uk or by telephoning 01621 875774.

These are a few of the things we could help you with:

  • Are you getting all the benefits to which you are entitled?
  • What effect would changes in working hours/rates have on your benefits?
  • Are you getting the right child maintenance for your children?
  • Are other adults living in your home making appropriate contributions?
  • Depending on who is living in the house, is your council tax bill right?
  • Look at ways of cutting bills and expenses.
  • Reducing rates of deductions being taken from your benefits
  • Explore grants or special tariffs
  • Looking at your debts and options for dealing with these, including making offers to creditors, or, in some cases, getting the debts written off.

For more information on saving energy and reducing your bills please visit Homepage - Warm Homes Essex


Government Announcement

In addition to the help that the government had announced earlier this year, the Autumn Statement outlined changes which will benefit some people next April (2023). These include:

  1. An increase in benefits in line with inflation – 10.1%
  2. Additional Cost of Living payment of £900 per household. Households who receive the following benefits are eligible for the payment:
  • Universal Credit
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credit

In addition, eligible pensioners will receive an extra £300 cost of living payment and those on non-means tested disability benefits will receive an additional £150.

  1. Changes to the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage as follows:
  • For 21-22 year olds the rate will increase to £10.18
  • For 18-20 year olds the rate will increase to £7.49
  • For 16-17 year olds the rate will increase to £5.28
  • For apprentices the rate will increase to £5.28
  1. An additional £1 billion of funding to the Household Support Fund which helps local authorities assist those who need it most
  2. Social Housing Rent will only be able to rise by a maximum of 7% in 2023-24


If you're struggling to afford essential food items there are various places you can go for both food and other household items. Locations include:

  • MALDON – The Food Pantry at Elim Church, 17 Wantz Road CM9 5DB Wednesdays 9:30am-1pm Food Pantry ← Elim Maldon Please contact Maldon Citizens Advice first on 01621 875774 to get a referral.
  • SOUTHMINSTER – Dengie Food Pantry at United Reformed Church, North Street CM0 7DF Wednesdays 10am-12pm. Please contact Maldon Citizens Advice first on 01621 875774 to get a referral.
  • TOLLESBURY – Food Larder at The Centre, Congregational Church, East Street, CM9 8QD. Call 07941019750 or 07742 538171. Mondays 10am-12pm Village Larder at Tollesbury Hub - Maldon District Connects No referral required.


As we know, with the increasing price of fuel, heating your home can become a challenge. There are several ‘Warm Hubs’ across the district which provide a warm place, hot food and hot drinks. Locations include:

  • BURNHAM – Burnham Baptist Church, Station Road, CM0 8HF. Free soup and hot chocolate. Monday 5th December 11am-1pm.
  • BRADWELL – St Thomas' Church, East End Road CM0 7QW. Free soup and hot chocolate. Tuesday 21st February 11am-1pm.
  • HEYBRIDGE – Plantation Hall, Colchester Road, CM9 4AL. Hot drinks, soup, warm clothes and coats, toys and a chat to those in need. Weekdays 9am–3pm.
  • HEYBRIDGE – Fullbridge Church, 27 Fullbridge. Includes lunch. Every Tuesday30am-1pm.
  • MALDON – Quaker Meeting House, Butt Lane, CM9 5HD. Free hot and cold drinks, soup, rolls and cakes. Every Friday 10am-1pm.
  • MALDON Community in a Cup at URC Market Hill, CM9 4PZ. Free refreshment. Last Tuesday of every month 10am-12.
  • MALDON – Fullbridge Church, 27 Fullbridge, CM9 4LE. Free refreshments and a light lunch. Every Tuesday30am-1pm.
  • MAYLAND – Lawling Park Hall, Katonia Avenue CM3 6AD. Free soup and hot chocolate. Thursday 19th January 11am-1pm.
  • SOUTHMINSTER – ‘Warm and Toastie’ at St. Leonard’s Church, 1 Station Rd, CM0 7EW. Free hot drinks and toasted sandwiches. Every Sunday 12:30pm – 2:30pm until end of March 2023.